Dolomite Lime 5kg Richgro Magnesium

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Dolomite Lime helps reduce soil acidity. It is also a good source of magnesium and calcium that are essential plant nutrients. In using Dolomite Lime you will provide favourable conditions for the formation of humus from organic soil matter. It can be used in conjunction with other fertilisers and may assist in nutrient intake. How much to use Light sandy soils -Apply 100g per square metre. Heavy sandy or rich in organic matter -Apply 300g per sqm. Note - One adult handful is about 50g. How to apply Spread evenly over the surface. Rake or dig in and water well. Particularly acid soils may require a second application after 6-8 weeks.
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Plant type Fruit Trees
Purpose Garden
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Dolomite Lime 5kg Richgro Magnesium