Fulvic Acid 1kg

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Analysis: 1.80% N, 0.10% P, 7.50% K, 4.60% S, 1% Ca, 0.08% Iron, 156 mg/kg Mn, 4.80 mg/kg Copper, 47.5 mg/kg Zinc
Improves soil structure , Increases water retention capacity , Increases activity of microorganisms , Improves supply of trace elements , Serves as a chelate to inorganic nutrients, Preventing possible deficiencies of trace elements , Increases the absorption of nitrogen and phosphorus , Contributes to the growth of roots , Increases cation exchange capacity (CEC) of the soil
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Plant type Roses, Fruit Trees, Native Plants, Palms, Ornamentals, Tomato & Vegies, Lawn
Purpose Lawn, Garden
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Fulvic Acid 1kg